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Arnulf is a meta spatial astronaut working as a consultant at metaspatial. He is an active OSGeo Member because he thinks it is relevant. In his free time he bugs the OGC and has fun with OSM.


other Blogs and Tweets

Sevenspatial - Arnulf tweets.

Christoph's blog - developing Software at a sustainable pace.

Sustainable Pace - Christoph Baudson on Twitter.

Follow Mapbender - my favorite software on Twitter.

Planet OSGeo is a window into the world, work and lives of OSGeo members, hackers and contributors.

Volker Mische's Blog - an open source enthusiast and hacker.

Clever Elephant - a Perspicacious Pachyderm (aka Paul Ramsey)

Selectoid, Marc's blog, interesting bits on OpenLayers and PostGIS.

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