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I Question Copyright

From Nina Paley's Blog:

Here are some of the corporations I could “get in trouble with” for sharing that song and clip in public. I wasn’t consulted by them before having their so-called “intellectual property” blasted into my head as a child, so I didn’t ask their permission to put it in my slide show.

I couldn't agree more. Thanks for this!


Copyright © 1970 - World

You have the right to copy.


All Copyright definition needs some fine print. To make it easier we left it in normal size and did not print it in light gray color...

Dear You. Please read about Copyright and Copyleft to understand where we come from have gone by. Then understand that whatever design, concept, image, document, data, and text you find here is as free and as gratis and as libre as something as completely immaterial, virtual, volatile, unsubstantial and insubstantial as -thought- can be.

Grant to your Right and to your Left

Please also grant these very same rights to anybody else (maybe "copyleft" them) and if you feel like it, give due credit to Seven of Nine, Arnulf or as otherwise indicated. If none of these works for you then I recommend you to check out the WTF Public License Version 2.


We call this concept Copystraight. You are allowed to use any of the digital information you find on this web site for any purpose that you wish to use them for, be it

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  • pyroclastic.

Legal Enforcement

If we happen to catch you while cheating on these definitions we will crash on you with intergalactic judicial, legal, and juridical might.

"Intellectual Property"

In our ontology there is no such concept as "Intellectual Property" which is why we only cite this term in quotes. Property in itself is strange. You can even see this rooted in etymology when you look at the German word Eigentum. Consequentially we have to treat whatever is termed as "Intellectual Property" by others as nonexistent. But we live in an interdependent world which means that we depend on each other. Therefore we respect the very odd ontology containing the concept of "Intellectual Property" - even although it is broken and harmful. is owned by Arnulf Christl.

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Copyright and Attribution

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  9. We cannot always know what is going on on other websites.

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