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If you were to decide what to show here, what would that be? 
We (that is Seven and Arnulf and Longchenthar and all the others) would 
like to revamp this site. Maybe tear down and start from scratch?! 
But what would you actually like to see here? Why and how did you 
get here in the first place? 
If you don't answer, chances are high that Arnulf or Seven or whoever 
else is really in charge of this site will choose to discontinue 
and let it fade away. 
So, Yes! If you absolutely want to see this site survive between all the 
really important stuff Google and Facebook and Wired and Tumblr offer
or Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing and bla, bla, bla would like you to believe
is important, then let me know. 
Oh my! - I forgot the likes of Zalando, eBay, Amazon, and Materialism,
pls forgive me! ... Well, whatever, let me know. 

How Will You Die? from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.

In case there is no feedback this will just go away, no harm done. 
Bit of a wast with 800k views and 10+ years online, but hey. Nottin's forever.