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The following might look pessimistic at first sight. It is not intended to give you this feeling at all though. The person who wrote this is a thorouhgly happy being and partly so because she wrote it.


Absolute Ultimate Truth

For the meaning of Truth in the traditional Western Culture please also refer to Science and God.

Absolute ultimate truth has three aspects.

  1. We are born (without being asked)
  2. We live (and suffer in an ocean of pain)
  3. We will die (without knowing when or why)

This truth exists out of itself and is undeniable. Nonetheless we seem to need some explanation to understand them. The idea is that once we understand this truth and that it is the only truth that we can ever expect to find, everything will immediately work out better for us.

This does not by any means mean that this is easy. First we need to intellectual understand it. Then, and this somewhat harder, we have to thoroughly accept it. Then we have the chance to live it. As living is our primary occupation in life it seems a worthwhile pastime to find out how and why we do that. You can read this more like to suggestion to my Self. On my personal Authenticity Meter I currently reach a meager 2.475 realization-rate of death and nothing much but a rudimentary idea of what life is all about.

We are Born

The first one is fairly easy to understand. It might even seem trivial. The long version is more telling, it reads: "We are born into this world without being asked". We might think that we are Born to be Wild or that we are born to Blog or born to become Borg. Whichever way we think and whatever we come up with we can only make up a reason why we get born with our mind (Geist). There is no Absolute Ultimate Truth beyond the fact that we get born.

We Live

The second one is usually good for a lot of arguing. But whichever way you look at it - at one point in life each and every one of us will suffer. Most of us suffer every day. Not the holy suffering of the martyr, but the simple suffering of missing the train, spilling the last cup of coffee and losing a friend. And if you have a friend you will see her die or she will see you die or your friends will see you both die. So yes, we do suffer most of the time.

  • We live in an ocean of suffering.

Therefore, the sooner that we learn how to cope with suffering the better for us.

We will Die

This one is easy again but has more meaning when we go full circle: We will die without knowing when or why.


What does this


give us? It is the only three things that we really know. We do not have to believe it, we do not have to argue about it. It is the only Absolute Ultimate Truth there is for us.