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This page is a scrap book for notes, links and other useful stuff around testing.



The following services are monitored according to the INSPIRE Network Services Implementation Rules


How to test OGC WMS Capabilities

There are - unfortunately - not many online sites that make the test easy or feed back good information. Astonishingly so. The following links have been put together ordered by usefulness for my day to day work.

  1. http://cite.opengeospatial.org/teamengine/ Official compliance test end point for the TEAM engine of OGC.
  2. http://testsuite.gdi-de.org/gdi/ (pretty detailed but not exactly readable. But so far it is the only one that actually seems to do what I need)
  3. http://mapmatters.org/ (consumes most everything it can lay it's hands on but gives no useful feedback about the compliance or potential errors)
  4. http://services.geonovum.nl/check-wms/ (gives quick but very basic feedback and only for the Dutch profile)
  5. http://registry.fgdc.gov/statuschecker/account/feeds.php (this is pretty crazy, you have to list services in an Atom feed before it will check them)

Looks like it might have been useful but currently dead:

MapServer OGC CITE Link

MapServer has passed the OGC compliance test in March 2013. Here is the access point to the CITE data: