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SplashMaps - designed for the REAL outdoors



SplashMaps are Washable, Wearable, All-Weather maps designed for the REAL outdoors. Take them with you if it’s raining snowing windy or sunny; whatever the weather they’ll beat traditional paper and laminate maps in our default weather conditions and won’t smash or lose power like GPS!

A SplashMap weighs nothing and fits anywhere. It’s beautiful, durable and practical. It will take all the punishment you can give it and still keep you on track.


Just is a short promotional video.

A short video with some impressions and use cases.

Compilation of a BBC report and some flics from trade shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXfybw4jx8A

The SplashMaps Web Shop

Find out more about these great maps at http://splashmaps.net

Click to see a high resolution photo of the SplashMaps quality fabric

The Data Sources

SplashMaps are based on a plethora of Open Data from different sources. In the UK we are based on an Ordnance Survey data backdrop for the 40k map which is enhanced with OpenStreetMap, the Hills Database of Great Britain and lots of other sources, for example the Rights of Way database, National Park inventories and so on.

For the Rest of the World we mostly use OpenStreetMap and enhance it with local data focused on usability for the Outdoors, especially mountain biking.

Comparing SplashMaps to Other Products

Competing maps are typically made of plain paper. This is fine but in more rugged climates and uses paper maps don't survive the first 5 minutes. Other maps come as laminated products. Although very sturdy and waterproof, the lamination is heavy and bulky, and after a while ends up with bubbles and stretch marks along the creases.

Other maps are made of thin polyethylene which feels like paper even though it is a plastic material. This makes it totally waterproof, highly rip-resistant, lightweight and nice to hold. They sometimes also smell a bit odd. But as far as ‘paper’ maps go, these used to be best in class.

The following is taken from the Georeferenced Blog:

I say ‘used to’ because that was before Splashmaps arrived on the scene. It’s like one of those revelations, “why has nobody thought of this before?” As it turns out, some people have. Splashmaps are inspired by the fabric maps used by pilots during World War II. These maps could be hidden in clothing, didn’t rustle, and doubled up for multiple uses such as a sling or bandage. Splashmaps have taken this concept into the 21st century with a high-tech fabric that enables a high quality map print whilst being fully washable. The fact that I can carelessly stuff the map into my pocket like a handkerchief, and then pull it out – wholly or partially – without having to faff around folding the map, is a total winner. The fabric doesn’t crease even after being left squashed and crumpled in a pocket for a few hours, and the material makes it really easy to grab your area of interest.

Read the full article here: Georeferenced Blog (http://georeferenced.wordpress.com/2014/04/07/best-uk-outdoor-map/)