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View from the GeoCache at Latitude -7.77777, Longitude -77.77777 in Peru

We traveled Peru extensively in January and Feburary 2009. Working with coordinate reference systems as a spatial professional and with a favor for the number seven I was compelled to visit the coordinates at latitude -7.77777, Longitude -77.77777.

This location is in the Andes Cordillera north of Huaraz, known for its great hiking and climbing areas. Find more pictures from the trip on the Album pages of this web site. We used several maps to find the places we wanted to visit but in that area most are severely wrong or show roads where there are none. Pure chance suggested that the coordinate S 7.77777 W 77.77777 are not far off a "major" road in the back country of the Peruvian Cordillera. It is a bit bumpy to get there and it is a bit tricky to get fuel in some places but we eventually made it there with our old VW beetle from 1967. So we gather that it should also be possible to get there for most normal folks. If this makes the impression that we consider ourselves to be not quite normal then this is not that far off the truth considering normality to be a defined statistical average.

Coming from the west one drives for hours through the Altiplano. Just after passing the highest elevation at almost 4000m the road winds down into a valley where we hid a simple regular GeoCache.

The Cache box itself is a few meters off the real place under a pile of rocks, see here and following images.

We tracked the whole trip with an old GPSMap C60 but had to store several stretches on the device. This process removes the time stamp from the points and renders everything highly useless for geopositioning pictures and such. Reconstructing the original values takes a lot of time which as yet I was not prepared to invest. But eventually the track will go to OpenStreetMap as it should. Until then this preview shot of the area around the GeoCache must suffice. Ask for the track log of you are interested to go there. Once it is in OSM I will add the link to the map here.

77777 gpx.png