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Arnulf Christl (2011)

Arnulf Christl (aka Longchenthar)​ practices and studies Tibetan Buddhism for more than a decade which unobtrusively permeates his whole life and work​. He follows the systematic curriculum of the Ngakde-Shedrup lead by Ugyen Rinpoche, a Tibetan Lama of the yogic Nyingma tradition. Every year Arnulf spends several months in retreat in either the German retreat center Tharpaling or in the Canadian Ngakde center. He gives theoretical and practical introductions to meditation and Tibetan Buddhism.​​

Arnulf has a technical career in geospatial Open Source information technology​ (computer stuff) where he is known as a creative lateral thinker and versed speaker. Arnulf has a sharp and sensitive power of observation which he also skillfully uses when introducing Agile Project Management in large organizations (United Nations, WorldBank, Ordnance Survey Great Britain). He currently works on a long term project focusing on creating and building an Institute for the Betterment of the Mind.

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