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Preparing Schwedenfeuer
Adding last touches...
Schwedenfeuer just lighted

It is sort of a tradition that we burn Schwedenfeuer at our Heerstraßen Parties. (Wer es genau wissen will, inzwischen gibt es eine Erklärung in Wikipedia.

The raw material of Schwedenfeuer are trunks with 30 to 50 cm diameter (10 to 15 inches) and between 60 and 120 cm (around 2 to 4 feet) height. They get cut in quarters but only three quarters down so that they stay in one piece and stand upright. Then they get lighted at the top and slowly burn down as can be seen in the photos. As you can also see in the photos they sometimes smoke badly which does not go so well with fancy clothes. As it is outside and dark anyway you can get your old stuff out.