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During a keynote speech at the OSG 2005 in Minneapolis, USA I first translated the term SUV into "Super Useless Vehicle" before an audience of about 400 people. Since then I have not tired to suggest that this is the official translation of the acronym. Searching the term on the web produces quite a bit of evidence that this term is not even an invention by myself and that there lots of are other versions.


The Fact

The acronym SUV is used to abbreviate the category Sport Utility Vehicle. But as most people who own and drive SUVs do not use the vehicle neither for sports nor for utility purposes the real translation of SUV is "Super useless vehicle".

The Critique

The ample Wikipedia article Criticism of sport utility vehicles collects evidence why SUVs are dangerous, expensive and both economically and ecologically full fledged failures.

SUV's History in Wikipedia

Wikipedia has changed a bit since its early days. My try to add "Super useless vehicle" as a valid translation of the acronym SUV failed miserably until now. First I added it without logging in which was immediately reverted by a bot. I succumbed and authenticated as Tschirl and reverted the last change and added a coment. It was then reverted not a day later with the commentary that this is "nonsense".

My try to add it to the Slang section of the Criticism of sport utility vehicles article failed. It was removed again because I lacked to add a reference.

With reference it has survived so far.

The disambiguation page has been reverted, see my reverter's revered insight:

SUV is a fairly recent acronym that has been invented by a specific group of people (here industries interested in selling products for commercial profits). Another group of people (here: environmentally aware people interested in reducing environmental pollution and danger to life caused by overly large automobiles) have dubbed the fresh acronym SUV with a series of other meanings including "Super Ugly Vehicle, Stupid Useless Vehicle, Sport Useless Vehicle, Super useless vehicle, Sucky Useless Vehicle, or Seriously Ugly Vehicle" (see also Urban Dictionary). From an encyclopedic, neutral point of view it would make sense to not redirect SUV directly to the article on Sport utility vehicles but to SUV (disambiguation). Instead of just reverting your revert I wanted to ask you whether with this extra information you would consider to revert your revert? Best regards, --Tschirl (talk) 12:18, 17 July 2008 (UTC)


Well, here it is and here.