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The State of the Map is the world’s leading OpenStreetMap community event. Join participants from all around the world in Denver, Colorado, USA from September 9th – 11th to hear talks, participate in workshops and hang out with OpenStreetMappers from around the world. If you are involved with any aspect of OpenStreetMap from mapping to coding to campaigning, or if you want to hear more from the global mapping movement that is changing the way maps are made and used,the State of the Map is for you!

Arnulf submitted the following abstract for a talk he would like to give at SOTM 2011

What is Open and what is Free in OSM, OSGeo and OGC?

Did you ever ask yourself what is Open and what is Free in OpenStreetMap (OSM), the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the Open Source Geospatial Software Foundation (OSGeo)? Then you might have come up with interesting answers to these questions: Where are the overlaps and where do we diverge? Can we come to terms? What is "Truly Free and Open"?

We are all using the words Open and Free on mailing lists, web sites, Wikis and publications but depending on where we come from with different meanings. This presentation will look into the theoretical background, governance and strategies behind these terms when used in the context of the three organizations OSM, OSGeo, and OGC.

Denver will be the venue for the main events of all three organizations, all within two weeks. This is a great chance for community-of-communities inspired presentations and to build bridges and educate the respected other about our own perception of the topic. Arnulf Christl will give presentations honed to the needs of the folks attending the 78th OGC TC Meeting, the 6th FOSS4G conference of OSGeo and - if this talk is accepted - also at the 5th SOTM conference. Promises to be an interesting adventure into openness.

Comments to the Program Committee

I am not sure which format (or thematic block) would suit this topic best. I can always give a regular presentation or a lightning talk but it might also be interesting to have it up as a panel discussion. This is up to you.

This talk has been accepted at FOSS4G, currently the programm committee is working out whether this would be good for a panel, hopefully with attendance of an OSM guru. We will also have a presentation on this topic at the OGC Technical Committee.

Some additional thoughts: Panels can be dead boring and very much depend on the individual personalities. I like the term "dialog" better than "discussion" because a discussion is typically designed to defend one's own position whereas a dialog allows for changing your mind or even developing new ideas, much better to come to a common understanding. But that is only me...

Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions or ideas.