SFSCon 2013 Workshop

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Kurze Vorstellung von Arnulf und Athina.

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The SFSCon 2013 workshop is scheduled to run 3 hours. In order to allow active participation the presenters Athina Trakas and Arnulf Christl will allow questions during the whole course. The presenters will try to limit the frontal talk style to roughly 2 hours so that there is one hour available for questions, answers and a dialog. The following schedule show on the which topics the workshop will touch.

Introduction Slide 5

Slide 6-11
How does a standard come into being?

10 min

OGC Standards in INSPIRE Slide 12

Which OGC standards are used in INSPIRE, how does the terminology translate and where do they differ. → ??? keine Ahnung, wie die sich unterscheiden???

Slide 13 INSPIRE Directive
dann das Dokument (INSPIRE Directive) aufmachen und nach „standards“ suchen, um zu zeigen, dass es gewollt ist sich mit internationalen SDOs zu vernetzen.

Dann: es gibt unterschiedliche Aspekte wie OGC und INSPIRE „zusammenpasst“

Slide 14 ???

Slide 15 – inhaltlich – viele OGC Mitglieder machen in den INSPIRE TWG, LMOs, SDICs mit und viele, die bei INSPIRE engagiert sind bringen sich in den OGC Prozess ein

Slide 16 - technisch: was verbirgt sich hinter einem View Service, einem Download service etc.

Slide 17 - Market Reporta Open Standards in INSPIRE (auf die OGC Seite gehe und zeigen, wo man den runterladen kann)

Slide 18 - Quotes und wie / was kann gemacht werden?

Slide 19 - das werde ich vielleicht einfach nur als Beispiel erwähnen und die Folie noch löschen.

15 min

Technical Example slide 20 und 21 (Arnulf, machst Du das?)

This technical example will show how the OGC standard needs to be extended in order to address the requirements of the INSPIRE regulation.

  • OGC standard
  • INSPIRE View Service requirements
  • MapServer technical implementation
  • FreeGIS environment and collaborative approach:
    • PostGIS
    • MapServer
    • GisClient
    • FreeGIS.net Viewer
    • PyWPS
    • OpenLayers

30 min

OGC Change Requests Slide 22 und 23

All technical development underlies a lot of changes. Standards rely heavily on dependencies. Instead of reinventing the wheel again and again standards reference other standards. Therefore any change in a standard is bound to disrupt other development, especially in the underlying layers. Still, sometimes there is a need for changes, to make thes known they have to be submitted as a Change Request. This section will highlight the steps involved.

  • How to submit Change Requests to the OGC

Slide 24 - erläutern, dass wir mit CEN/TC 287 und ISO/TC211 eng zusammen arbeiten

15 min

The Role of Open Source software for OGC Standards development slide 25/26 (Arnulf, Dein Part?)

  • Best practices
  • Prototype development
  • Reference Implementations
10 min

How does an Open Source Project Work? Slide 27/28 (Arnulf, Dein Part?)

  • How can you participate activeyl in an Open Source project?
  • What does "Empowerment of the user" mean?
  • How are Open Source Projects funded?
30 min

OSGeo Incubation slide 29/30 (Arnulf, Dein Part?)

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation has setup a rigorous quality assessment. Any project wishing to become endorsed by OSGeo has to go through this process and prove that it follows the best practices laid out by OSGeo. This quality assurance ensures that projects are managed and run in a sustainable way and that users can rely on it's longevity.

15 min


FreeGIS is a collection of COTS packages for geospatial information management. They have been extended and optimized to address the needs of INSPIRE and the public administrations of South Tyrol. FreeGIS is a perfect example showing how a community of users can leverage Open Source to achieve more than any of them could on their own.

For most up-to-date information please refer to the project web site: http://freegis.net