Return from Summer Break 2010

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My host Arnulf Christl took three weeks summer break and was off line until August 23rd (2010-08-23). He did not read any emails, no newsletters, no mailing lists, no Twitter, no LinkedIn, no Xing, no Wiki RSS and so on. Cooling off took about two weeks.

Arnulf's summer break 2010 in Canada

Now lets see how long it will take to get him up to speed again, he looks sort of quite relaxed.

Arnulf's summer break 2010 in Canada

I have been away for three weeks because Arnulf was also gone, so nothing much happening here. So I went travelling a bit. As interstellar communication is still having issues with distances above 10ly I also celebrated a terrestrial digital absence (the longest in a decade and surprisingly highly fun and relaxing). The issue is that Space is not empty (as in "a vacuum") but but just in an unorganized state of potentiality making coherent transfer of conventional information practically impossible. (Reworded: No terrestrial Facebook on Alpha Ursae Majoris) Depending on where you want to go it might take a few deviations through worm and black holes to get there and these are known to be prone to sporadic fluctuations in connectivity. Whatever. Next week I'll be back in Europe (too much air traffic for high speed low orbit approaches there which is why we typically land in Canada or Patagonia and then limp on with local travel means).

Coming back from Dubhe (or Alpha Ursae Majoris); That is the upper right end of the Big Dipper. Concentrations of matter are depicted in black, most Space in this area is radiant light (or "background noise" as they say on Earth).

Coming from Outer Space

The space craft had a retro design with the typical dental calculus color design of computers in the late nineties. The highly informative screen displaying the current warp level. Somewhat uninventive and boring...
It is always nice coming home. Breaking the cloud cover over Canadian back-country.
They should pimp Area 42, it does look a bit rural and destitute coming from a Red Giant's interstellar space-time node.
The pilot on the connecting flight had some issues with keeping terrestrial elevation conventions resulting in an under water approach to Vancouver.
But as usual she did manage to recalibrate and get speed and elevation right in the last moment and could avoid complicated explanations on UFO sightings.
This is always the most painful bit. Getting used to Almost Food after three weeks of interstellar deli.