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Going through MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) regularly turns out that Arnulf is an INFP.


What's This Anyway?

Personality tests. They put you in a drawer with a label. Packaged to make it easy to interface with you. But you should not take them too seriously and never judge others because you believe that you know. Because you don't (and me neither). So why bother? Because it might help you to uncover certain traits of your personality which you were not aware of. Initially you might even hat them because you have managed to live with them up to this very point. Maybe even pretty successfully. But then comes the moment when you understand that this personality does not judge you and put you in a box but that you do it all on your own. Once you realize this and understand that this box that you are staring into now unbelieving might even not be that bad. So in the ideal case (that obvously does not apply to you at all) you can learn to understand yourself and others and improve your interactions.

Three Types

In late April of 2013 I QA'd a talk Christoph Baudson was preparing for an Agile meetup in Bonn. In this talk he introduced a new concept which categorizes (yes, them drawers again) into three simple and distinct classes:

  1. Right People
  2. Natural People
  3. True People

Most people come up with a very precise understanding of their own primary type once they had some time to think about it. /me is True, in case you didn't guess that yet.

You can also easily test yourself and after some time even the people around you. How do you find out what type you are? Just think through the following situation and honestly see how you react.


You want to do something and don't know how. What do you do? Remember: Honesty wins.

I just do it. Maybe afterwards I notice that there were some associated guidelines (or even rules) which I broke but I am not really bothered. It worked, right? That's important. The rest is, well, not important.
I check out how other people do it. Ideally I find some guidelines (or rules) which I follow. I try to do it in the right way.
I ask why should I do it? Then I do it as best I can by interpreting the rules in all conscience, aware of breaking them and always at the ready to explain the reasoning behind my decision.


Evolution can be reduced to three stages:

  1. Reproduction: Natural people reproduce. They create new things. They follow their needs.
  2. Mutation: True people catalyze change. They tweak and modify and improve and try out and question.
  3. Selection: Right people pick and sort. Good, good, bad, good, good, bad, bad, and so on. They know what is right.

Now What?

You can obviously try to be somebody else but what good would be in that? Never forget:

  • There are only right people, not wrong people.
  • There are only natural people. The others are not unnatural.
  • And there are no false people, just some of us are truly true.

Why would we even want to know what type we are? Because then we understand that we probably do not understand how other people tick. But in order to work together we have to understand that all people are different. These three categories or the MBTF classification is only a very, very rough outline of how different people can be.


Statistically it appears that roughly 60% of humanity (mainly from the "Western" culture) are right people, 25% are natural and 15% are true people. Living in a "Western" culture means that we probably live in a democratic environment. This means that the majority gets its say. Needless to point out that a clear majority of people are right resulting in a right education, right work ethos, right way of life and so on. So my appeal goes out to all the right people to please understand that there are other people out there who are not wrong but maybe just natural or true. And believe me, life is a lot nicer if you give them a chance.

Online Tests

There are quite a lot of online test available, this list is just what I found when I looked around a while back.


Test nach

Die Stärken und Schwächen Ihres Typs könnte man ungefähr so einstufen:

Introversion: 10% 
Empfindung:    5% 
Denken:       15% 
Urteilen:     10.53% 
Extraversion: 90% 
Intuition:    95% 
Fühlen:       85% 
Wahrnehmung:  89.47%


For current progress see the discussion page.