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Q: How can our mind roam space when it is confined to our brains? 
A: It cannot. 
Q: What does this mean? 
A: It means that our mind is not confined to our brains. 

Our mind is our sixth sense organ, we use it to make sense. Our everyday (coarse grained) consciousness somehow resides in what we call our mind. It seems that the brain is one of the central organs involved in our making everyday sense. For other levels of our consciousness we also use our belly, heart and hunches. Recent findings (collected and edited by Rupert Sheldrake, Lynne Mc Taggart, Pim van Lommel and others) support that the mind is actually not confined to our brains. This explains how we can roam in space without moving our physical body. Disconcerting?



The German word Geist describes our mind as something separate from our body. It seems to somehow reside in our physical body but it seems to be reaching out further. Try to find the limits of your body and your bodily perceptions. On a coarse level the first appears to be fairly simple to resolve. The limit or boundaries of our body is the outer skin, hairs, etc. When our mind comes into play the limits of our bodily perception grows way beyond this physical barrier. Taxi drivers are known to perceive their cars as their body and can "feel" when something touches or comes to near. In everyday life we try to keep a personal distance to others. Sometimes when people with very different perceived personal proximity limits talk they can become uncomfortable if the distance becomes too close.

The spatial capacities of our Senses which make up a part of our mind are very different. We can perceive optical impressions from very far away, up to seeing galaxies that are hundreds of light years away. Other senses like taste are very much limited by the physical outer limits of our body. No matter what, we cannot say where our mind resides. One important organ that is involved with our mind is the brain but it is not the home or the only home of our mind.

Scientific Speculations

First off we should acknowledge that science is always in a state of flux.

Chemical Synapse

From: http://enthusiasms.org/

Chemical synapses transmit action potentials—the pulses or signals that are the basic unit of information in the neuronal network—by sending neurotransmitters across the gaps between the end of one neuron and the beginning of another. Another type of communication which is not being mediated by neurotransmitters takes place when electric impulses travel straight over the distance between two neurons.

In addition to communicating across synapses, neurons may also communicate more indirectly. The brain generates a weak electric field in addition to the specific charges that travel along and between neurons. Indirect communication between neurons through such extra-cellular is called ephaptic coupling.

Quantum Physics

Theoretical quantum physics states that empty Space (as in Vacuum) is not as empty as it appears but instead is a potentiality of everything. In the Wave-Particle Duality everything is possible. Every cubic centimeter of vacuum (void) in outer space contains approximately 400 photons of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation defining its (the void's) potentiality. This has been proven by astronomical findings measuring background radiation in all direction of our skies.

Solid Matter

We still have no clear understanding of what constitutes solid matter but in the above train of thought it apperas to be a kind of "manifested potentiality". It is as yet unclear why it stays that way for any span of time at all. It might have to do with the influence of the observer (see also in the concept of Wave-Particle Duality). Any aggregation of matter will interfere with (or be observed by) other congregations of matter influencing the form that it will take, that of a particle or that of a wave. One resulting phenomenon is gravity, which as yet is scientifically unexplained in the context of Quantum Mechanics.

Wave Interference Patterns

Waves create patterns when they interfere. Theses patterns are also used in modern technology to store information. Wave interference patterns can hold incredibly amounts of information and have very unique and special properties. Holography is based on this theory. It requires directed light (as it is emitted by a laser) which is split into two ray bundles. One of which is deviated by means of mirrors, the other is reflected by the portrayed object. The resulting unified light is recorded on a photographic plate. When the photographic plate is then exposed to another source of directed light the holographic image of the object appears. Interestingly breaking the the holographic into smaller pieces will render the same complete object when exposed to a source of directed light, just with a reduced resolution. THis is way beyond what my little mind can handle (which is why I stop here for the time being).

Functioning of the Mind

The combination of above theories opens up a completely different perspective to what we commonly think as the residence and home of our mind and self. It could well be that our self, subconscious and unconscious mind resides in the interference pattern of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and is only "connected" with our body through the brain which acts as a kind of antenna into this pattern. This would mean that the sentient aspect of our being is a quantum self that exists separately from the human shell. Coming from this end we could describe our self as a quantum being that temporarily resides in a biological shell (our human body).


I have no idea how that works, but I do know that we never seem to stop thinking (until we die or get shocked into oblivion). We tend to think a lot in circles and produce thought chains that never seem to get anywhere. One initial task I have set for myself is to not think at all for a moment. To this day unfortunately this did not work for me but it seems that there are techniques which can lead there eventually.


The mind needs cleaning every now and then. Ideally every day. It is like cleaning the body. If we don't wash and brush our teeth we start to stink. Imagine not washing for decades. This is what we do with our mind. So maybe it is about time we think about cleaning the mind. Even the early Greek philosophers had ideas about cleansing the mind. Translations of Plato's text The Sophist the counterpart of the body is called "soul" which we freely handle in a more general stance as the "Mind".