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metaspatial operates an SDI Portal based on Mapbender. It is free to use. You can create your own account and link your own OGC WMS and WFS services (by uploading the capabilities document) and use the monitoring service to get notified of changes, reaction lag and timeouts of your productive services. For business enquiries around monitoring please contact metaspatial.


Monitoring is scheduled for 12 iterations per day giving you a maximum 2 hour lag until you are notified of upcoming issues. Monitoring is invoked by calling the mod_monitorCapabilities_main.php script.

./mapbender/tools/php5 mod_monitorCapabilities_main.php user:2

Contact us if you are interested in more timely notification which is available through our subscription model. It can be scaled to suit your needs up to Web hook based instant messaging algorithms which will alarm any or all of your contact addresses within seconds of failure of any included component.