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We use our Senses to perceive things. We take what we see for real. We believe that the meaning we give to things is intrinsic to them. But this is not true, it is all just an illusion. It only becomes apparent when we start to compare what we perceive with what others perceive. They might think and feel and hear and taste similar things but never exactly the same. It is impossible for human beings to encompass reality as it really is. We can only see what we want to see. This is actually a major issue and respects some thought.

Thus everything is an illusion and nothing but. This includes me and you and all around us.

This does not mean that we should take everything for granted or simply ignore everyone around us. By no means. We should take reality very serious. If you do not take the approaching bus seriously it will run over you. But you should not think of the bus as a killing machine, even although it could be just that to you. To others it will be medium of transportation. For someone else it might be a revenue generating undertaking. For someone else it might be the place of a daily recurring morning rendezvous with the beloved one. For someone else it might be the last trip of his life because he is on the way to hospital with the diagnosis of dying of cancer within a few weeks. In someone else it might trigger bad conscience because as a mechanic he did not take the time to check the brakes as he should have because he got annoyed by his boss and left early. And so on. It never ends. If there are 10 people then there will be 10 different perceptions of this bus. And if there are 7 billion people then there will be 7 billion different perceptions of this bus.

So where does this get us? Right here, right now. Everything is real but we cannot grasp this reality because we are limited to our own mind.