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Rule #1: Make regular parties with all your friends.

This is a manual for a party with 30 to 100 friends. They'd better not be complicated because this party manual is simple. It is so simple that it gets difficult in the end. That's why I wrote this manual. The other reason is that I just worte a conference event manual and it really helps to remember things. And yes, I just turned forty and it's about time I'd write down things before I forget them.



There are two types of party. One that you spontaneously organize and another that regularly recurrs.

  • Spontaneous Party
  • Recurring Event

Spontaneous Party

This type of party is planned that same day, a week ahead, a month, half a year or two years before. It is always a hassle. Always. But if well timed and planned and the right people come it is a blaster anyway. Either you know exactly who you invite, those are often boring because you know all those people already. You start to talk to them and they tell you the same story over and over again but with new dates. Or with new players (but not very often). In some cases people remember you and then you have to explain why you did not do what you told them last time you met them

Recurring Event

This type of party occurs in regular intervals of a week, month or year.

Things go wrong

And some things do go wrong. Not at my parties but at most parties where I am guest. This is a mantra. You should repeat it several thousands times in the weeks before the party. That might be tricky because scheduling a party is an art all of itself.