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There is no inherent meaning in things, we only give them meaning. It is an Illusion to believe that Phenomena have a meaning out of themselves. Nothing has a meaning out of itself. There is no intrinsically 'built-in' meaning to things.

Some Examples

  • A policeman is a danger - to a thief. But not to the stolen.
  • A piece of shit is not a desirable thing - to us. But ask a fly.
  • A windshield on a Porsche is a deadly weapon to flies - but it protects the driver from bein hit - by the fly.
  • A carving knife is a tool to the carver - and a deadly toy for a toddler.
  • I am a son to my mother, husband to my wife, contributor to my community, consultant to my client, murderer of many flies on windshields and savior of a few that were about to drown in our bath tub.
  • A brick can be part the Berlin Wall and break family bounds for decades, but it can also be part of a wall protecting that same family from sure death in the approaching snowstorm. And at one point it became a souvenir.

If you look at a wall and go into more detail you would expect to find more aspects of a wall. But you will not find anything more "wall-ish" the deeper you go. Instead you might find bricks and mortar. Or you might find concrete. But concrete is not intrinsically a wall and neither are bricks and mortar. A wall could even be made of wood. If you go into more detail of a brick and mortar wall then we encounter silica crystals and then molecules, atoms and eventually might even meet a Higgs boson particle. Are these wall-particle and give mass to walls only? It is a god particle so you can rest assured that it will not carry any intrinsic meaning of "wall" in itself. The wall is just something that we make up. The phenomenon is right there, we can bump into it and hurt ourselves. This is not an illusion. But that it is a wall is an illusion that we willingly project onto it. All the time.

Complexity in Meaning

Complex, huh? Basically it just means (oh, there was that word again) that all meaning is individual. It goes on to more intricate things. Like - what is good and what is bad? Some things that are good for one are bad for another. So how can we decide which is what? How can we dare to decide on what is good and what is bad? We would need to be omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent to be able to grasp the complexity of the whole world. I for one am surely neither.

There is no Ultimate True Meaning in Things

So what is the meaning of things? It is always the meaning we give them - in each single moment. There is no intrinsic meaning that lives in things. There is no intrinsic meaning that lives in people either. Meaning cannot be extracted from things or people. We put it in them.

This needs to sink in. Once it has - and we have to come a long way until we really understand - we will start to get a glimpse of the power that we have over the world. We can make the world what we want it to be. But it is a long way to get there. And before you can even start to get there you have to find the right path. The path that fits your capacity.