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Geist is a German word to describe the Mind in all aspects.

  • animus
  • apparition
  • esprit
  • genie
  • ghost
  • intellect
  • mind -> der Geist -> der Verstand
  • nous -> Greek [philos.]
  • phantom
  • psyche
  • specter
  • spirit
  • wraith
  • Holy Ghost [rel.]
  • Holy Spirit [rel.]


"Geist" appears to have a common etymological background with the English term "ghost". But "ghost" in English is clearly defined as "the disembodied spirit or soul of a deceased person" Wikipedia article on Ghost whereas in German every living sentient being has a Geist, more like Spirit. Once the being dies the mind /ghost/spirit can continue to exist as a disembodied entity, then the term "Geist" has the same clear meaning as in English - that of a deceased person.