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Lost in Tokyo. This is not the central computer center for the Tokyo railway system, it is just a ticket machine for the end user...
Getting There 2.0

Make sure that you know which train to take. And it helps to get there on a Sunday morning at 6:30, else calculate to have some spare time finding your way about.

Contents in Tokyo

The OSGeo Japan meeting in Tokyo started with presentations on 2009-11-01 followed by workshps on 2009-11-02 and ending with an OpenStreetMap mapping party on 2009-11-03. Cool presentations including an update on CC (geo and zero) licenses, OSM, R, Android. If I got it right with OSM as the alternative to G-maps - good to have Venka here, else I would be pretty lost).

As expected all presentations are of a high standard and moderated to be perfectly on time. Cool event.

Venka in Osaka

That same week another FOSS4G event took place in Osaka. The exhibition and presentations were co-located with the local Linux User Group. Arnulf (me) gave the same presentation with an emphasis on the business model aspect. This is what it says on the web site (unfortunately I cannot read it, thhis is jsut a test whether my Wiki and your Browser understand Japanese).

OSGeo 財団の代表者(プレジデント)。ドイツ人。 Mapbender 開発プロジェクトの責任者で、欧州を代表するFOSS4Gカンパニー、 metaspatial の代表者でもある。とくにインキュベーションやカンファレンスに力を入れた活動をしている。

Foss4g2009osaka mambow v01.gif

Generic OSGeo Presentation

Arnulf updated the generic OSGeo presentation yet again. It is based on the generic OSGeo version "not_so_short_osgeo.odp" by Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas (anyone with a download link?).

The last changes mostly focused on the order of presenting the OSGeo structures. Originally we started with the projects, then the Board, Officers, Committees and ended with the Members. Although starting with the projects makes sense historically Arnulf moved the Membership bits up front because that is what matters to potential new members.

Where to Upload?

Before leaving Sydney Arnulf had a short (and as usual somewhat emotional... :-) discussion with Jeff regarding where to upload this kind of stuff. Jeff uses Slideshare and is quite happy with it - and Arnulf is bothered by it being yet again a place that nobody knows what will happen to in times to come. Jeff argues that the stuff in the OSGeo Wiki is completely outdated and nobody uses it. Unfortunately that is correct. But why is it not used? Is it just too complicated? Jeff points out that it is also cool to have other presentations at the tip of your fingers on slideshare that one can use - for example to deal with licenses, etc.

Both agree that we should make sure that slideshare is not the only place to go.