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Our happy conference chair Jachym Cepicky


The Free and Open Source for Geospatial Conference in Central and Eastern Europe (FOSS4G-CEE) took place in Prague, Czech Republic in 2012.

It was a great event with 120+ attendees, a great selection of presentations, tutorials and workshops. Looking forward to the next edition in 2013, potentially organized by the Romanian OSGeo folks (who made up a sizable portion of the attendees in Prague and apparently also had lots of fun).


Arnulf gave two presentations, the second one ad-hoc filling in for a logistical slip.

OSGeo - professionally leveraging Open Source Geospatial Software
Getting the inspiration back into INSPIRE

Evening Event

The evening event was at a really nice place a few minutes out of the city with great food, beer and wine for free (yes, free beer :-), music and dance.

Evening dinner with great food, music and dance