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CCGIS was founded by Arnulf in June 1998 as a one man show. Over the next 10 years CCGIS grew into a business with 10 employees. In 2003 CCGIS went through its most important transition from a Proprietary to Free and Open Source Software business model. In the following years CCGIS had a pivotal role in building the German language spatial Free and Open Source Software community by organizing FOSSGIS conferences, user meetings and giving workshops. Arnulf also used CCGIS for marketing, lobbying and advocating Free Software within the German language spatial community and businesses.

This screenshot of the CCGIS website was taken at the end of 2006.

Ccgis en.png

CCGIS merged with two other companies in 2007 to form the WhereGroup. Arnulf continued to serve as CEO of the WhereGroup completing the merger in the following 18 months.