Buying licenses is a matter of trust

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Lizenkauf ist Vertraunessache.
Buying licenses is a matter of trust.
The FOSS gang of the Geo-Consortium

This was an advertisment from the early days of Free and Open Source Software when there was still need to build trust in this new business model.


From left to right, standing: Lars-Hendrik Schneider, Till Adams, Peter Stamm, Arnulf Christl. The gun man in front is Olaf Knopp, to his right is Dietmar Fleischhauer. Hinrich Paulsen is sitting in the front of the car. In the back seats from left to right: Caro Schmitke, Rudolf Christl (the godfather) and Athina Trakas.


The car is an original Ford Model A Double Phaeton 1928. We bought it with estimated 2 million miles on the clock when we lived in Montevideo, Uruguay around 1984.


"Urheber" is the German word for originator. Legally in English this translates into copyright which does not encompass the whole semantics of the word. The picture was taken by Vivien Genenz, thanks a lot for this, it is just great!