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Arnulf submitted an Abstract at the Asia Geospatial Forum. The abstract was accepted and Arnulf gave his presentation on the sceond day of the conference.





In recent years, Geospatial had shown a great market potential in Asia Pacific as it is applied not only in perambulation and mapping but also in resource investigation, environment assessment, regional planning, public facility management, traffic, telecom, city construction, energy, power, and agriculture etc. Geospatial has shown its effective presence into each and every domain of the society by the integration of technology into mainstream activities.

Over the years, Map Asia had revealed effective solutions on various concerns of Geospatial Technology in the Asia Pacific region; Map Asia has matured as a conference and is now widely recognised as one of the most important geospatial industry event in Asia Pacific. GIS Development was resolute to take Map Asia to a privileged level in order have its recognition as one of the largest Asian Geospatial Industry Event and the conference is in its way forward to achieve the desired objective. Thus a resolute initiative by GIS Development on the grand occasion of the 10th anniversary of Map Asia, the conference is rebranded as Asia Geospatial Forum.

The celebrations of the 10th Anniversary of Map Asia would begin with the Inauguration of Asia Geospatial Forum which is scheduled from 17- 19th October, 2011 in Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia. The forum would be unique in itself, it shall provide a platform for the global geo-informatics community to realise, recognise, and reveal the stages of dissemination and further enhance the various advantages of geospatial information worldwide and particularly in Asia Pacific region. It would make its way as an international initiative aimed to allow the convergence, sharing and use of geospatial technologies for a sustainable society.


Geospatial Convergence – Paradigm for Future

Convergence of Geospatial is rapidly evolving and it is considered as the future paradigm of the human activities. Nowadays each and every sector of the society are using Geospatial Solutions for human welfare and sustainability which results in better decision making process; in this context the term convergence refers to the combination of two or more different platforms integrated by a single technology.

Geospatial technologies have to be integrated into every aspect of the present society because the information is crucial when we are out of our houses, when we’re within our office, and to connect with the rest of the world. Convergence of Geospatial with Main Stream Technologies, Government Activities, Business Outreach, Research and Academic Scenario and day to day operations of the society is very important to have a future Geospatial model and action. We need to communicate and involve people to reduce the technicality of geospatial technologies which can be achieved with the Convergence of Geospatial – Paradigm for Future.

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