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The leitmotif of this web site is to explore the meaning of life (as in signification). From all that we know the meaning of life does not exist out of itself but is a projection of our mind. So this web site is about the meaning of life as projected by us. We are in a constant state of Flux therefore please do not take any of what we say here as an ultimate and permanent truth.


What's it all about?

We are born without the assets of Reflection, but we can acquire them. We can explore how we (mentally) function through Introspection. By learning philosophical basics we can start on our interactions with others and phenomena can help us to understand how we can change.

Note to Self: Get the order right.

The Basics

Four basic concepts explain why we are:

  1. Karma
  2. Impermanence
  3. Recognizing the frustration of Samsara
  4. Understanding that there is a Way Out

The Goal

The goal is to become mentally balanced. Nota bene, this does not mean we are boring, defenseless, subdued, or apathetic. Instead it makes us aware and intense, but in a positive way.

The Path

This is not something that we can buy Online or acquire in a few days. It needs a lot of work and comittment. Especially in the beginning this is not easy. Take your time. But do take it.